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Support Center

Willamette Falls House Innovation and Support Center offers the following:

  • Support location for CTGR’s staff related to the EPA funded Willamette Falls Project. 

  • Technical training location for emerging industry clusters

    • Restoration of water & land 

    • Native American owned businesses

    • Retail and hospitality 

  • Provide offices, hospitality services, educational spaces, tribal cultural meeting spaces, employee training rooms, advanced HR service center etc... complete with broadband and technical and presentation equipment

  • Hosting and catering for events such as tribal meetings with local government, architectural reviews, seminars, etc... 

  • Tailored event planning with 1,500 sf of conference space and additional exterior space for outside events    

  • Additional 950 sf of storage space

  • Training, services, and education for tribal and community members related to environmental restoration of the Willamette Falls  

  • Overnight facility to save money with guest rooms and offices

  • Education facility for tribal youth advanced job training and business development programs. 

  • Storytelling facility for CTGR and our historical and cultural connection to the Willamette Falls as seen through out the cultural details and documents to be displayed on-site

  • Short walk or just a two minute drive  to the old Blue Heron Paper Mill and Willamette Falls Riverwalk. 

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